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How a brand thrives in the market for 65 years

August 10, 2020

How a brand thrives in the market for 65 years

August 10, 2020      Market & Products

TATSA® represents quality, safety and confidence and includes products such as storage tanks for LP gas and other pressurized fluids. Today TATSA® is a leading brand in the industry. The collaborators and clients of the brand are one of the most important pillars for success, managing to stay in the minds of consumers at the national and international level.

A lot of work has gone into keeping TATSA® successful for 65 years. Arcosa Industries de Mexico – the company that is behind the brand – works every day to tackle new challenges.

Here are some important achievements the TATSA® brand has accomplished since its formation 65 years ago:

In 1955, TATSA® began its operations in the LP gas industry, marketing horizontal domestic tanks. It managed to expand the range of products by 1960 to bobtails, semi-trailers and storage tanks, obtaining important growth during their first 5 years of work.

The TATSA®, brand, already beginning to mark its potential, knew that it wanted to expand beyond tanks. This led to the start of manufacturing of ammonia tanks in 1962. In the 1970s, these tanks were added to the production line as well as chlorine tanks and air tanks.

Diversifying product lines would require more space and in 1978, with new production facilities in Huehuetoca, State of Mexico, TATSA® once again focused its vision on the future. In 1980 the company Cabezas de Acero Kikapoo changed its name to Trinity Industries de Mexico, it was the beginning of new and even greater achievements.

To stay top in the industry, innovation according to customer needs is required, which is what the brand did in the 90s by developing new models of portable gas cylinders.

One of the best years for the brand was in 1995, where TATSA® incorporated into Trinity Industries de Mexico, initiating a new stage of expansion to other sectors.

The brand increasingly strengthened and known in the industry, took on new challenges and market segments by manufacturing the first sphere, cryogenic tanks, in 2005 and 2010.

In 2018, corporate changes were made when the company was separated into 2 public companies: Trinity Industries de Mexico and Arcosa Industries de Mexico, Arcosa being the owner of the TATSA® brand.

Arcosa Industries de Mexico celebrates 65 years of providing security and confidence to the LP gas market and other pressurized fluids in Mexico and the world through TATSA®.

Happy 65th anniversary, TATSA®!