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Trends and Innovations

January 18, 2021

Trends and Innovations

 May 17, 2021  Trends and Innovations

Arcosa Industries de México officially named Socially Responsible Company

We continue to add recognitions as a result of the effort, dedication, and commitment of all our collaborators who work with great enthusiasm when carrying out their activities daily.

On February 26 of this year, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy A. C. (CEMEFI) awarded Arcosa Industries de Mexico the Distinction as a Socially Responsible Company 2021 (ESR® 2021), which officially recognizes our commitment to integrate corporate social responsibility into our business objectives.

Alberto Lira, Chief Human Resources Director at Arcosa Industries de México stated: “It is extremely important to us to have received this recognition because it is a clear example of the great effort we put in at our plants and offices including respecting the environment, our values, and supporting our collaborators and communities in which we participate”.

He also added: “I thank all the members of the Arcosa team; each one of us contributed to this achievement. I invite them to continue to work and uphold our philosophy so that this can be the first of many years in which we are recognized as a Socially Responsible Company!”.

At Arcosa Industries de México, we are proud to be part of the companies that, like us, continue to join the development of different activities that bring significant changes to create a better country.

By obtaining this distinction, we strengthen our commitment to continue working in a responsible manner: Respecting the environment and people with the fulfillment of our values and with a positive approach to the development of our community and society.

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