Spherical Containers - Arcosa Mexico

Spherical Containers

ARCOSA Industries de Mexico designs, enables in plant and builds on-site spherical containers at semi-refrigerated and room temperature with capacities from 5,000 Barrels up to 68,000 Barrels, adjusting to storage needs.


Designed according to ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1&2 (Stamped and registered with NB) and to the British Standard PD 5500 (Certified by Third Party Agency).

Capacities10 to 25 MB (1590 to 3975 m3)25 to 45 MB (3975 m3 to 7155 m3)
Pressure Design14 to 15.8 Kg /cm2 (200 to 225 PSIG)5.0 to – 7.0 Kg/ cm2 (71 to 100 PSIG)
Design Temperature65° C (150° F)-20 to 10° C (-4 to 50° F)
Operation Temperature38° C (100° F)0 to 5° C (32 to 41° F)
Hydrostatic TestAccording to the Design Code


AISC Structure (American Institute of Steel Construction) Mathematically Modeled in STAAD.

Earthquake, Wind and Combined Loads Requests

  • UBC (Unified Building Code)
  • CFE Civil Works Manual

Foundation Loads derived from the Mathematical Model are delivered

  • The information described is just for reference, each requirement can be analyzed in order to adjust to the client’s requirements.
  • The spheres’ design is not limited to the capacity of 45,000 barrels, larger containers may be available under special cases.